Call for Proposals

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We invite you to present at CLT’s Faculty Summer Conference, Transforming the Online Student Learning Experience, on May 19-20, 2020. Submit a proposal to share your story with colleagues and community partners as we reflect on ways that we can transfer classroom engagement to an online/hybrid setting. If your proposal is selected, you will lead the discussion in your presentation, panel, workshop, or poster—exchanging ideas, tools, instructional innovations, and other resources.

Proposal Submission Form Worksheet (Word) – includes the instructions for preparing your proposal

Feel free to reach out to CLT if you have questions about the Proposal Worksheet: or 757-683-3172.

Consider These Questions

As you prepare your proposal, please consider the following questions:

  • How do we plan, organize, develop, and deliver an effective online/hybrid course?
  • How do we design effective and engaging course assignments and assessments?
  • How do we foster faculty presence, availability, and responsiveness?
  • How do we help faculty build effective and engaging online/hybrid courses?
  • How do we leverage effective course design to sustain online students’ engagement and motivation?
  • How do we encourage faculty to embrace online course design as a strategy they can use to rethink their teaching practices?
  • How do we use research findings to improve learning outcomes?
  • How do we employ emerging technologies, such as analytics, augmented reality, adaptive learning, competency-based learning, and OER, to rethink online/hybrid course design?
  • What are some of the challenges associated with online/hybrid course design (workload, tenure and promotion recognition, copyright, accessibility)?
  • What role does quality assurance play in improving online/hybrid course design and delivery?

Session Types


Present findings from a recent course in which you incorporated innovative online/hybrid course design tools or techniques to enhance learning. Include projected outcomes, and lessons learned by both students and instructors.


Lead a panel of faculty, students, and/or partners and engage the audience in a discussion about collaborating on course design to heighten the student experience, or confronting the challenges associated with online/hybrid course design. Include the panelists’ projected outcomes, lessons learned, and the amount of time needed for discussion.


Lead or co-lead a workshop that demonstrates through hands-on activities how you leveraged course design tools or techniques to improve student engagement in your course(s). Include projected outcomes, the target audience, and the amount of time needed.


Present a poster to summarize key findings from a recent course in which you incorporated cutting-edge course design tools or techniques. Include outcomes, methodology, and lessons learned. The poster session will offer opportunities for you to answer audience questions directly. Upon request, CLT’s Graphic Design Team can assist you with your poster.